Claudio Cornaggia

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Despite its favorable outcome in up to 90% of patients, epilepsy is still considered to carry a higher than normal risk of morbidity and accidents. Knowledge of the everyday life risks (illnesses, accidents) in patients with epilepsy is mostly anecdotal. For these reasons, a multinational cohort study has been started in 9 European countries to investigate(More)
Improvements in the diagnostic and therapeutic approach to patients with epilepsy have substantially changed the outcome, and consequently , the socio-cultural implications of the disease. Up to 90% of patients from different countries have prolonged periods of seizure remission 1-3 and about 60% of those who have been taken off treatment remain(More)
endo-1,4-β-Glucanase (endo-cellulase, EC is one of the most widely used enzymes in industry. Despite its importance, improved methods for the rapid, selective, quantitative assay of this enzyme have been slow to emerge. In 2014, a novel enzyme-coupled assay that addressed many of the limitations of the existing assay methodology was reported. This(More)
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