Claudio Cini

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The use of muscle magnetic resonance imaging in patients with muscular dystrophies or congenital myopathies has been limited. We describe the development of a short protocol to be used in young patients with neuromuscular disorders. The protocol includes transverse T1-weighted spin echo sequence images of thighs and calves. The total scanning time is less(More)
We report clinical and muscle magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings in three individuals (aged 6, 26 and 73 years) from a three-generation family with Bethlem myopathy, confirmed by molecular genetic analysis which showed an exon skipping mutation in the COL6A1 gene. The clinical severity ranged from mild proximal weakness and distal laxity in the(More)
Ring chromosome 6 is a rare constitutional abnormality that generally occurs de novo. The related phenotype may be highly variable ranging from an almost normal phenotype to severe malformations and mental retardation. These features are mainly present when genetic material at the end of the chromosome is lost. The severity of the phenotype seems to be(More)
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