Claudio Ciavatta

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Many studies on soil organic carbon (SOC) sequestration in perennial biomass crops are available for Atlantic and continental environments of North Central Europe, while there is insufficient information for Southern Europe. Therefore, we assessed SOC turnover under Mediterranean climate, after a 9-year-old conversion from two annual crop systems,(More)
Two different biosolids were obtained composting anaerobic (A) and aerobic (B) municipal sewage sludge (SS) with rice husk. Higher amounts of SS (1:1 v/v) could be used in this composting process than in conventional ones. The two biosolids were characterized by chemical analysis and compared with a conventional green manure plus municipal solid waste and(More)
Organic complexed super-phosphates (CSPs) are formed by the complexation of humic acid (HA) with calcium monophosphate. The aim of this study was to determine whether two CSPs, characterized by different HA concentrations, added to a calcareous soil at an agronomic dose, were able to maintain the phosphorus (P) in a soluble form longer than the(More)
Floating islands mysteriously moving around on lakes were described by several Latin authors almost two millennia ago. These fascinating ecosystems, known as free-floating mires, have been extensively investigated from ecological, hydrological and management points of view, but there have been no detailed studies of their rates of accumulation of organic(More)
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