Claudio Cañizares

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Internal herniation through a congenital defect in the falciform ligament is extremely rare. We report an unusual observation of small bowel obstruction through an iatrogenic defect of the falciform ligament. Prompt diagnosis was made by helical CT, permitting a rapid surgical procedure to preserve the viability of the obstructed segment.
This paper investigates the formulation of a general optimal energy flow (OEF) problem for integrated energy systems, paying particular attention to “hydrogen economy” issues, i.e. production, distribution and utilization of hydrogen, as well as considering the impact of energy storage devices. Based on the concept of energy hubs, the optimal conversion and(More)
This paper discusses the load following capability of fuel cell-driven power plants. A linear model of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell power plant is obtained and utilized for the design of robust controllers which enhance tracking response of the plant and reject disturbances originating from the distribution grid. Two robust controllers are synthesized applying(More)
1. We present the results of a study of the prevalence of anemia and its causes in the population of Ecuador. The following parameters were used: blood cytology, reticulocyte count, serum iron, iron binding capacity, ferritin, folic acid and vitamin B 12 concentration. 2. The study was carried out on 4 groups: 426 individuals of both sexes and all ages from(More)
With the advancement of technology and open access of transmission services, the power flows over the transmission lines has become unprecedented and increased many fold, which causes the power system to work under the stressed operating conditions. So for the reliable, safe and required degree of quality of power supply, the ancillary services have come(More)
1. Four structural systems are involved in the process of platelet activation that leads to aggregation: 1) the membrane system, i.e., the cytoplasmic membrane, the dense tubular structure and the open canalicular structure; 2) alpha and dense granules; 3) the peripheral microtubular coils; 4) the microfibrillar meshwork of actin-myosin bundles. 2. We added(More)