Claudio C. Ramírez

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The presence of a natural enemy in a habitat refuge is no guarantee of emigration by these into crop fields, when pest population outbreaks occur. Parasitoids from a refuge may not prefer foraging on the pest crop, exhibiting host fidelity, and therefore not constituting a source of natural enemies for improving biological control. An effective refuge must(More)
The green peach aphid, Myzus persicae (Sulzer), is a generalist insect herbivore capable of using a wide range of cultivated plants and weeds. In this laboratory study, we examined the inter-clonal variation in M. persicae’s ability to exploit the wild peach Prunus davidiana, a source of genetic resistance to aphids used by peach breeding programs. An(More)
Inbreeding frequently reduces the fitness of organisms, but little is known about how this phenomenon can affect the biological control. Host fidelity provides an adaptive advantage to aphid parasitoids, allowing females to find their aphid host more quickly in heterogeneous environments. This trait is mediated by the learning of signals, mainly chemical(More)
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