Claudio Battaglini

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This study aimes to measure the interface usability in a Serious Game for Health and compare it to a game for entertainment. The sample is composed of players with extensive experience in online games. The tool used to measure the subjective satisfaction of the users is the System Usability Scale (SUS). The results indicate significantly higher usability(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine whether there were differences in vertical jump height and lower body power production gains between complex and compound training programs. A secondary purpose was to determine whether differences in gains were observed at a faster rate between complex and compound training programs. Thirty-one college-aged club(More)
This study examined changes in insulin resistance (IR) in 120 youth over two years. IR was quantified via homeostatic model (HOMA-IR), and weight status changes were quantified via body mass index (BMI). When all participants were considered, the mean HOMA-IR and BMI increased 13.4% and 1.65 units, respectively. Change in BMI z-score and percent change in(More)
This study compared VO(2peak), treatment frequency and dosage, and QOL between 22 post-treated breast cancer survivors (CATotal) and 22 apparently healthy, age-matched women (CO). The CATotal group included 11 with no history of any other co-morbidities (CA) and 11 with controlled hypertension (CA + H). VO(2peak) was measured using the Bruce Protocol. QOL(More)
This study qualitatively examined an 8-week group exercise and counseling intervention for breast and prostate cancer survivors. Groups exercised 3 days per week, 50 minutes per session, performing moderate-intensity aerobic and resistance training. Groups also underwent 90-minute supportive group psychotherapy sessions once per week. Survivors discussed(More)
Impaired cardiorespiratory fitness is associated with inferior survival in patients preparing to undergo hematopoietic cell transplantation (HCT). Exercise training based on short, higher intensity intervals has the potential to efficiently improve cardiorespiratory fitness. We studied home-based interval exercise training (IET) in 40 patients before(More)
ii 2014 Brett Lovell Phillips ALL RIGHTS RESERVED iii ABSTRACT Brett Lovell Phillips: A Case Study on the Effects of Exercise on Muscle Cross-Sectional Area during Induction Chemotherapy for Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (Under the direction of Dr. Claudio Battaglini) While aggressive chemotherapy is standard for promoting complete remission in newly(More)
RYAN ADAM VANHOY: A comparison of two different treadmill protocols in measuring maximal oxygen consumption in highly trained distance runners (Under the direction of Dr. Claudio L. Battaglini) The purpose of this study was to prospectively investigate the specificity effect of two different treadmill protocols on maximal oxygen consumption (VO 2max) in(More)
Cachexia in cancer patients is a condition marked by severe tissue wasting and a myriad of quality of life and health consequences. Cachexia is also directly linked to the issues of morbidity and survivability in cancer patients. Therapeutic means of mitigating cachexia and its effects are thus critical in cancer patient treatment. We present a discussion(More)
Many breast cancer survivors may be at increased risk for physical and psychological complications from cancer treatments. Research has shown that regular exercise can help ameliorate some of the lingering side effects of breast cancer treatments and improve health-related quality of life (HRQOL). Additionally, certain stress management techniques have(More)
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