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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE We sought to register the incidence rate, risk factors, and case-fatality rate of all the new cases of first-ever-in-a-lifetime stroke in the province of Beluno, Italy. This study aimed to provide an epidemiological survey of cerebrovascular disease that could supply investigative objectives and support information for regional(More)
BACKGROUND In healthy adults and children, deep inhalation (DI) is able to reverse induced bronchoconstriction. This ability is impaired in asthma, but the reasons are still to be elucidated. OBJECTIVES This study investigated whether the bronchodilator effect of DI during methacholine-induced bronchoconstriction can be improved by allergen avoidance in(More)
OBJECTIVES This study formed part of a larger prospective population-based survey on cerebrovascular diseases and aimed to provide reliable and comparable results on TIA incidence and on related risk factors, which could supply investigation objectives and support information for primary and secondary prevention. MATERIAL AND METHODS We undertook a(More)
BACKGROUND In patients with asthma, particularly severe asthma, poor adherence to inhaled drugs negatively affects the achievement of disease control. A better adherence rate is expected in the case of injected drugs, such as omalizumab, as they are administered only in a hospital setting. However, adherence to omalizumab has never been systematically(More)
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