Claudio Antonio da Silva

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1. Previous study showed that N(G)-nitro-L-arginine (L-NOARG), an inhibitor of nitric bxide synthase, induces catalepsy in a dose-dependent manner in male albino-Swiss mice. 2. The objective of the present work was to further investigate this effect, extending it to other NOS inhibitors. 3. Results showed that L-NOARG (40-80 mg/kg i.p.),(More)
The Basso, Bresnahan and Beattie (BBB) locomotor scale has not been tested to evaluate functional consequences of peripheral nerve lesions. Alternative methods to evaluate animal functional recovery after sciatic nerve injury are desirable. Male Wistar rats had a right sciatic nerve segment exposed and were divided in three experimental groups: Sham (wound(More)
OBJECTIVE Insulin inhibition of insulin secretion has been described in normal lean subjects. In this study, we examined whether this phenomenon also occurs in the morbidly obese who often have severe peripheral insulin resistance. SUBJECTS Twelve obese patients, normotolerant to glucose (8 F/4 M, body mass index (BMI)=54.8+/-2.5 kg/m(2), 39 y) and 16(More)
OBJECTIVES Nitric oxide (NO) is a diffusible intracellular messenger that is present in saliva. Chronic treatment with isoproterenol, a beta receptor agonist, stimulates the release of NO from acinar cells and induces salivary gland hypertrophy. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of NO synthesis inhibitors and isoproterenol on rat salivary(More)
This study investigated the effects of Phα1β, pregabalin and diclofenac using an animal model of fibromyalgia (FM). Repeated administration of reserpine (0.25 mg/kg sc) once daily for three consecutive days significantly decreased thermal hyperalgesia, mechanical allodynia, and dopamine and serotonin content in the brain on the 4th day. Phα1β and pregabalin(More)
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