Claudine Sarda

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Analysis of p34cdc2 kinase in higher eukaryotes has demonstrated that p34cdc2 function is conserved in all eukaryotic cells. The p34cdc2 kinase (the product of the cdc2 gene) is required during the G1 cell cycle phase at the initiation of DNA replication and also in G2-M phases for entry into mitosis. In this paper we report the isolation and(More)
Using different sources of protoplasts and two complementary techniques, flow cytometry and image analysis, to study the cell-cycle phases, we sought to define the particular protoplast state associated with the disposition to divide. Both inPetunia and inNicotiana plumbaginifolia, tissues with a higher G2 frequency (from different aged plants) yielded(More)
In pneumococcal transformation the frequency of recombinants between point mutations is generally proportional to distance. We have recently described an aberrant marker in the amiA locus that appeared to enhance recombination frequency when crossed with any other allele of this gene. The hyperrecombination that we have observed in two-point crosses could(More)
This study investigated the efficacy of post-treatment hydrotherapy as supportive care for management of persistent/long-lasting dermatologic adverse events (dAEs) induced in breast cancer survivors by adjuvant therapy, and its impact on quality of life (QoL). Patients in complete remission after standardised (neo)adjuvant chemotherapy, surgery and(More)
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