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Protein transduction domains (PTDs) are used to enhance cellular uptake of drugs, proteins, polynucleotides or liposomes. In this study, functionalized Antennapedia (Antp, aa 43–-58) and HIV Tat (aa 47–57) peptides were coupled to small unilamellar liposomes via thiol-maleimide linkage. Modified liposomes showed higher uptake into a panel of cell lines(More)
In 198 consecutive deliveries in a region holoendemic for malaria, 39.4% of the mothers had malarial parasitaemia. Cord blood parasitaemia was found in 43 cases (55% of infected mothers). The incidence of malaria decreased with increasing parity possibly related to age. Malaria is partly responsible of the low birthweights and of the genesis of pre-term and(More)
After 9 days of risperidone therapy (2-6 mg/day), a 24-year-old schizophrenic female patient developed a leucopenia with neutropenia < 1000/mm3. A few days after starting the neuroleptic treatment, she suffered from a cold, without fever. All immunological tests performed yielded negative results except for influenza B virus. The cessation of the(More)
Es wird ein überblick über Zielsetzung und Tätigkeit der Nestlé-Stiftung gegeben, insbesondere über die am Studienzentrum von Adiopodoumé (Elfenbeinküste) ausgeführten Erhebungen über den Ernährungszustand und die dort unternommenen Anstrengungen, die Eiweisszufuhr durch Einführung proteinreicher Nahrungsmittel zu verbessern. An outline is given of the aims(More)
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