Claudine Landes

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The present work describes an attempt to identify reliable criteria which could be used as distance indices between protein sequences. Seven different criteria have been tested: i and ii) the scores of the alignments as given by the BESTFIT and the FASTA programs; iii) the ratio parameter, i.e. the BESTFIT score divided by the length of the aligned(More)
Fast sequence databanks search algorithms generally make use of hash tables and look for exactly matching words. An increased sensitivity--at the expense of a decreased selectivity--can be attained in the case of proteins by using a reduced amino acid alphabet. We propose here an alphabet reduced to 10 symbols, that we used in modified versions of the FASTP(More)
A method aimed at classifying protein sequences without resorting to pairwise alignment is presented. Called DOCMA (DOt-plot Comparisons by Multivariate Analysis), it is based on a multivariate analysis of the pairwise dot-plots between all the sequences in the set. The dot-plots are first simplified by considering only the projections of the 'diagonal'(More)
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