Claudina Pérez Novo

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Extracellular ATP and related nucleotides promote a wide range of pathophysiological responses via activation of cell surface purinergic P2 receptors. Almost every cell type expresses P2 receptors and/or exhibit regulated release of ATP. In this review, we focus on the purinergic receptor distribution in inflammatory cells and their implication in diverse(More)
BACKGROUND Alternative splicing of the interleukin-5 receptor alpha (IL-5Ralpha)-subunit leads to the generation of a signalling, membrane-anchored (TM) isoform, or a secreted [soluble (SOL)], antagonistic variant. Given the key role of IL-5 in eosinophil function, we investigated SOL IL-5Ralpha expression pattern in an eosinophil-associated disease such as(More)
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