Claudia Zawadsky

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We present a rapid and effective adsorption-elution method based on monolithic affinity filtration (MAF) for the concentration and purification of waterborne viruses. The MAF column consists of a hydrolyzed macroporous epoxy-based polymer. High recoveries were achieved by columns for the bacterial virus (bacteriophage) MS2 110 (±19)%, as model organism, as(More)
Mercury-resistant bacteria may be important players in mercury biogeochemistry. To assess the potential for mercury reduction by two subsurface microbial communities, resistant subpopulations and their merA genes were characterized by a combined molecular and cultivation-dependent approach. The cultivation method simulated natural conditions by using(More)
Elimination of pathogens and emerging pollutants represents a key factor in integrated water resources management in arid regions. Within the SMART Jordan Valley project it is the objective of this study to assess the occurrence and examine the elimination of selected emerging pollutants and pathogens in waste water treatment and aquifer recharge. In batch(More)
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