Claudia Wood

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate and describe an integrative medicine clinic including its patients; their presenting problems, medical objectives, treatment recommendations; whether recommendations were recalled and adhered to; and patients' self-reported health outcomes. DESIGN A prospective cohort study of 160 new clinic patients were treated using a wide range(More)
We report on the creation of an integrative medicine clinic within the setting of a medical research and tertiary care hospital. The clinical audit used a prospective case series of 160 new patients who were followed by telephone interviews over a 6-month period. Patients' demographic characteristics, presenting symptoms and diagnoses, physician treatment(More)
Shampoo treatment and hair conditioning have a direct impact on our wellbeing via properties like combability and haptic perception of hair. Therefore, systematic investigations leading to quality improvement of hair care products are of major interest. The aim of our work is a better understanding of complex testing and the correlation with quantitative(More)
Interactions between hairs and other natural fibers are of broad interest for both applications and fundamental understanding of biological interfaces. We present a novel method, that allows force measurements between individual hair strands. Hair fragments can be laser-cut without altering their surface chemistry. Subsequently, they are glued onto Atomic(More)
PURPOSE To measure the efficacy of the whitening effect of non-oxidizing and non-acidic nano- and micro-hydroxyapatite materials on the enamel surface and to evaluate the surface changes after treatment. METHODS Three hydroxyapatite suspensions and two hydroxyapatite mixtures in dissolvable polymer films were applied to a total of 30 extracted caries-free(More)
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