Claudia Wahrenburg

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Twenty-two agarolytic, aerobic, spore-forming strains were characterized taxonomically by DNA-DNA reassociation experiments, riboprint analyses, 16S rDNA sequencing and phenetic similarity analyses. Based on riboprint analyses, the strains formed eight ribogroups, six of which contained 2-6 strains and two encompassed single strains. Within the multi-strain(More)
Konstantinos Mavromatis, Johannes Sikorski, Alla Lapidus, Tijana Glavina Del Rio, Alex Copeland, Hope Tice, Jan-Fang Cheng, Susan Lucas, Feng Chen, Matt Nolan, David Bruce, Lynne Goodwin, Sam Pitluck, Natalia Ivanova, Galina Ovchinnikova, Amrita Pati, Amy Chen, Krishna Palaniappan, Miriam Land, Loren Hauser, Yun-Juan Chang, Cynthia D. Jeffries, Patrick(More)
Alicyclobacillus acidocaldarius (Darland and Brock 1971) is the type species of the larger of the two genera in the bacillal family 'Alicyclobacillaceae'. A. acidocaldarius is a free-living and non-pathogenic organism, but may also be associated with food and fruit spoilage. Due to its acidophilic nature, several enzymes from this species have since long(More)
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