Claudia Uribe Roca

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Recent studies suggest that impulse control disorders (ICD) in Parkinson disease are not uncommon, and antiparkinsonian therapy, mainly the use of dopaminergic agonists, plays a causal role in the development of these symptoms. Pramipexole has been mainly related to the occurrence of ICDs, although these disorders may occur when any dopaminergic(More)
Hemimasticatory spasm (HMS) is a rather uncommon movement disorder with a pathophysiology that is still unclear, although temporomasseter entrapment at the temporal fossa has been advanced. The authors present a case of HMS in a woman who experienced marked worsening in episode frequency and severity during pregnancy. Treatment with botulinum toxin led to(More)
The D216H polymorphism (rs1801968) in TOR1A has been suggested as a risk factor for developing primary dystonia in German subjects not carrying the deletion c.904-906delGAG (∆GAG). However, this association could not be confirmed in other populations with different ethnic backgrounds. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the D216H polymorphism in an(More)
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