Claudia Uhde-Stone

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TALEs (transcription activator-like effectors) are powerful molecules that have broad applications in genetic and epigenetic manipulations. The simple design of TALEs, coupled with high binding predictability and specificity, is bringing genome engineering power to the standard molecular laboratory. Currently, however, custom TALE assembly is either costly(More)
Despite their fundamental importance, the dynamics of signaling pathways in living cells remain challenging to study, due to a lack of non-invasive tools for temporal assessment of signal transduction in desired cell models. Here we report a dual-reporter strategy that enables researchers to monitor signal transduction in mammalian cells in real-time, both(More)
Transcription activator-like effectors (TALEs) are a class of naturally occurring transcription effectors that recognize specific DNA sequences and modulate gene expression. The modularity of TALEs DNA binding domain enables sequence-specific perturbation and offers broad applications in genetic and epigenetic studies. Although the efficient construction of(More)
Luciferase assay has become an increasingly important technique to monitor a wide range of biological processes. However, the mainstay protocols require a luminometer to acquire and process the data, therefore limiting its application to specialized research labs. To overcome this limitation, we have developed an alternative protocol that utilizes a(More)
Transcription activator-like effectors (TALEs) are a class of transcription factors that are readily programmable to regulate gene expression. Despite their growing popularity, little is known about binding site parameters that influence TALE-mediated gene activation in mammalian cells. We demonstrate that TALE activators modulate gene expression in(More)
Significant progress in the functional understanding of microRNAs (miRNAs) has been made in mice, but a need remains to develop efficient tools for bi-allelic knockouts of miRNA in the human genome. Transcription activator-like effector nucleases (TALENs) provide an exciting platform for targeted gene ablation in cultured human cells, but bi-allelic(More)
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