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Tumour cell invasiveness is crucial for cancer metastasis and is not yet understood. Here we describe two functional screens for proteins required for the invasion of fibrosarcoma cells that identified the molecular chaperone heat shock protein 90 (hsp90). The hsp90 alpha isoform, but not hsp90 beta, is expressed extracellularly where it interacts with the(More)
BACKGROUND Invasion is an important early step of cancer metastasis that is not well understood. Developing therapeutics to limit metastasis requires the identification and validation of candidate proteins necessary for invasion and migration. METHODS We developed a functional proteomic screen to identify mediators of tumor cell invasion. This screen(More)
Apoptotic evasion is a hallmark of cancer and its resistance to chemotherapeutic drugs. Identification of cellular proteins that mediate apoptotic programs is a critical step toward the development of therapeutics aimed at overcoming apoptosis resistance. We developed an innovative high-throughput screen to identify proteins that modulate Fas(More)
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