Claudia Toll

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The tridemensional model of personality introduced by Cloninger relates aspects of novelty seeking to the dopaminergic, harm avoidance (HA) to the serotonergic, and reward dependence to the noradrenergic neurotransmitter system. Using a neuroendocrine challenge paradigm, this study investigates whether subjects characterized by blunted cortisol (CORT)(More)
In a double-blind crossover design on 36 male smokers, differences in hormone responses to a serotonergic (citalopram) and dopaminergic (bromocriptine) challenge were tested, to compare transmitter responsivities in addicted and pleasure-motivated smokers with respective controls. A general score of smoking addiction, according to DSM IV criteria, was(More)
The role of dopamine (DA) in drug seeking behavior has been a matter of debate in the literature: One theory claims that DA triggers incentive motivational behavior, the other one favors the idea that DA itself is the rewarding property induced by the positive stimuli. The present experiment tries to contribute to a solution of the controversy by the(More)
Five beta-adrenergic blocking agents and two alpha-sympathicomimetics were separated after derivatization with (R)-(-)-1-(Naphth-1-yl)-ethylisocyanate (NEIC). For two of these analytes the separation was successful also after reaction with (R)-(+)-1-phenylethylisocyanate (PEIC) by using HPLC with RP-18 phases and a water-methanolic eluent by UV-detection on(More)
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