Claudia Szczepanski

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Originally known as host defence peptides for their substantial bacteriotoxic effects, many cationic antimicrobial peptides also exhibit a potent cytotoxic activity against cancer cells. Their mode of action is characterized mostly by electrostatic interactions with the plasma membrane, leading to membrane disruption and rapid necrotic cell death. In this(More)
"Reducing uncertainty in fatigue life limits of turbine engine alloys" (2013). a b s t r a c t In probabilistic design of materials for fracture-critical components in modern military turbine engines, a typical maximum design target risk (DTR) is 5 Â 10 À8 component failures/engine flight hour. This metric underscores the essential role of safety in a(More)
A system for ultrasonic fatigue testing at temperatures as high as 700qC and at positive mean stresses has been developed. Its use is demonstrated by examining the fatigue behavior in the lifetime range of 10 5 to 10 9 cycles for the nickel-base superalloy Rene' 88 DT at 20 and 593qC for a load-ratio of 0.05. Crack initiation occurred from large grains and(More)
Efficiency of 9 types of hearing protectors was investigated. A subjective method of an absolute hearing threshold shift in free sound field in 20 well-hearing-persons was applied. The results obtained are presented in figures. It was found that the maximum efficiency of most hearing protectors usually fell toon the frequency of 4000 Hz and amounted to(More)
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