Claudia Sonnenberg

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Delayed hemolytic transfusion reactions were diagnosed with a frequency of 1 per 4,000 units of whole blood or erythrocytes transfused, which represents an increased frequency of detection for those reported in other studies. The reasons for this increase, as well as the current detection of relatively milder reactions, appear to be related to the careful(More)
The aim of the study was to evaluate the potential of pyrazole-based receptors in the complexation of carbohydrates. Representatives of a new series of acyclic pyrazole-based receptors were prepared and their binding properties toward selected mono- and disaccharides evaluated. The results of the binding studies were compared with those obtained for acyclic(More)
Binding motifs observed in the crystal structures of protein-carbohydrate complexes, in particular the participation of the isopropyl/isobutyl side chain of valine/leucine in the formation of van der Waals contacts, have inspired the design of new artificial carbohydrate receptors. The new compounds, containing a trisubstituted triethylbenzene core, were(More)
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