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Vascular aging is associated with both structural and functional changes that can take place at the level of the endothelium, vascular smooth muscle cells and the extracellular matrix of blood vessels. With regard to the endothelium, reduced vasodilatation in response to agonists occurs in large conduit arteries as well as in resistance arteries with aging.(More)
1. Endothelial dysfunction has been described with ageing but the mechanisms responsible have not been clearly elucidated and might be different from one vessel to the other. This study assesses the relative contribution of endothelial nitric oxide (NO) and cyclo-oxygenase (COX) metabolites in relaxation to acetylcholine with ageing in the aorta and the(More)
BACKGROUND The role of endogenous nitric oxide (NO) and cyclooxygenase metabolites was investigated in contractile responses of small omental arteries from patients with hyperdynamic septic shock. METHODS AND RESULTS Expression of inducible NO synthase (immunostaining) and a high but variable level of NO production (NO spin trapping) was detected in(More)
Aortic rings isolated from rats 4 h after an injection i.p. of 30 mg/kg Escherichia coli lipopolysaccharide showed a marked hyporeactivity to noradrenaline. This effect was paralleled by an increase in the level of nitrite/nitrate in the serum of lipopolysaccharide-treated rats, indicative of an enhanced nitric oxide (NO) synthase activity. Most important,(More)
1. The dependence on extracellular L-arginine of vascular hyporeactivity induced by bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS) was studied in vivo in rats infused with LPS and in vitro in endothelium-denuded rat thoracic aortic rings exposed to LPS. 2. Infusion of LPS during 50 min at a dose of 10 mg kg-1 h-1 produced a significant impairment of the pressor effect(More)
This study was designed to elucidate the role of the adventitia in NO-mediated vascular effects of lipopolysaccharide (LPS). After incubation of rat aorta with LPS, the adventitia generated 3.5 times more nitrite plus nitrate than a corresponding segment of media. Control media covered by adventitia from LPS-treated aortic rings exhibited a 4 fold elevated(More)
Hintergrund: Alloplastische Werkstoffe werden üblicherweise auf ihre Toxizität hin, ihr Verhalten im tierischen Organismus sowie in der Zellkultur auf ihre Eignung als Knochenersatzmaterial überprüft. Speziell Mittelohrimplantate, die durch rezidivierende Infektionen besonders beansprucht sein können, sollten ergänzend im bakteriell kontaminierten Milieu(More)
The involvement of L-arginine-dependent nitric oxide (NO) production in the vascular failure observed in endotoxemia was investigated in male Wistar rats treated with Escherichia coli lipopolysaccharide (LPS). Contractile responses to norepinephrine (NE) were measured ex vivo in aortas isolated from rats treated with LPS (20 mg/kg ip, 4 h before(More)
Risiko kongenitaler Anomalien nicht erhöht; aber: Spontanabortrate erhöht! Zwischen 0,5–1,6 % der Schwangeren werden jedes Jahr einem nichtgynäkologischen operativen Eingriff unterzogen. Diese Eingriffe stellen für den Anästhesisten eine besondere Herausforderung dar, da er nicht nur die Verantwortung für die Mutter, sondern auch für das ungeborene Leben(More)
OBJECTIVE Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) induces early (within 1 h) and delayed (after several hours) impairment of vascular reactivity to catecholamines whose mechanisms are different, although they probably both involve nitric oxide (NO). Temporal and quantitative relationships between hyporeactivity to noradrenaline and NO production were investigated in a rat(More)