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Preconditioned suppression of prolyl-hydroxylases attenuates renal injury but increases mortality in septic murine models.
BACKGROUND Septic conditions contribute to tissue hypoxia, potentially leading to multiple organ failure, including acute kidney injury. The regulation of cellular adaptation to low oxygen levels isExpand
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Recommendations to enhance constructivist-based learning in Interprofessional Education using video-based self-assessment
Introduction: Interprofessional collaboration is crucial to the optimization of patient care. Aim: This paper aims to provide recommendations for implementing an innovative constructivist educationalExpand
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Novel morphological multi-scale evaluation system for quality assessment of decellularized liver scaffolds
We combined conventional semi-quantitative scoring criteria with a quantitative scaffold evaluation based on automated image analysis to develop a robust structural assessment system for decellularized porcine liver scaffolds. Expand
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MORG1+/− mice are protected from histological renal damage and inflammation in a murine model of endotoxemia
BackgroundThe MAPK-organizer 1 (MORG1) play a scaffold function in the MAPK and/or the PHD3 signalling paths. Recently, we reported that MORG1+/− mice are protected from renal injury induced byExpand
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A Novel Surgical Technique As a Foundation for In Vivo Partial Liver Engineering in Rat.
Organ engineering is a novel strategy to generate liver organ substitutes that can potentially be used in transplantation. Recently, in vivo liver engineering, including in vivo organExpand
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’ s response to reviews Title : MORG 1 + /-mice are protected from histological renal damage and inflammation in a murine model of endotoxemia
section, line 31, page 2; deleted “an”; Background section, line 82, page 4 localized was replaced by localised, As well also some spelling mistakes and the name of the city Dusseldorf are correctedExpand
Untersuchungen zu der Rolle von MORG1 und HIF-1α in der Sepsis induzierten Nierenschädigung
Sepsis is a generalized hyperinflammatoric host response caused by infection. Renal dysfunction is frequently associated with sepsis due to limited supply of tissue oxygen in renal tissue, andExpand
Ramipril pretreatment worsened renal injury and survival despite a reduction in renal inflammation in experimentally induced sepsis in mice
Introduction: The angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor ramipril is a standard antihypertensive therapy for many patients. Because angiotensin II may promote inflammation, we were interested inExpand