Claudia Schierle

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  • D Boyd, Claudia Schierle, J Beckwith
  • Protein science : a publication of the Protein…
  • 1998
One of the basic issues that arises in functional genomics is the ability to predict the subcellular location of proteins that are deduced from gene and genome sequencing. In particular, one would like to be able to readily specify those proteins that are soluble and those that are inserted in a membrane. Traditional methods of distinguishing between these(More)
Most extracytoplasmic proteins are synthesized with an N-terminal signal sequence that targets them to the export apparatus. Escherichia coli prlA mutants (altered in the secY gene) are able to export cell envelope proteins lacking any signal sequence. In order to understand how such proteins are targeted for export, we isolated mutations in a signal(More)
A general overview about the usefulness of the theory of fuzzy sets for solving problems in the field of data analysis and analytical reasoning as well as for using neural networks for knowledge processing in analytical chemistry is given. Recent results of the development of intelsystems for automated qualitative analysis in X-ray fluorescence analysis and(More)
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