Claudia Russo

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INTRODUCTION Oral biopsy aims to obtain clear and safe diagnosis; it can be performed by scalpel or laser. The controversy in this latter application is the thermal alteration due to tissue heating. The aim of this study is the histological evaluation of margins of "in vivo" biopsies collected by diode and KTP lasers. MATERIAL AND METHODS 17 oral benign(More)
  • Deepa Agashe, Joshua Akey, Doris Bachtrog, Miriam Barlow, Anna Di Rienzo, Joel Dudley +46 others
  • 2015
Cover Art Caption: Gene expression data coupled with genomic comparisons between ants that produce or do not produce the worker caste suggest that there are no explicitly " worker " genes. The ant photograph is of Pogonomyrmex barbatus workers next to P. anergismus social parasites (with wings), used with permission from
OBJECTIVES Benign Oral Vascular Lesions (BOVLs) are a group of vascular diseases characterized by congenital, inflammatory or neoplastic vascular dilations clinically evidenced as more or less wide masses of commonly dark bluish color. If traumatized BOVLs are characterized by a great risk of hemorrhage and their treatment usually requires great caution to(More)
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