Claudia Rébola

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The purpose of this case study is to describe the studies undertaken in order to improve remote patient monitoring devices (RPM), specifically The BL Healthcare Access Tablet. Current RPM devices are expensive devices that are not well designed to reflect the needs, experiences and limitations of the user. In this paper, we propose mobile application(More)
Computer mediated group collaboration, particularly in the design and engineering disciplines, is in need of better applications that suit the needs of effective exchange of information. Multi-touch surfaces offer the capabilities to augment and better enable face-to-face interaction with digital content and applications. This paper presents the design,(More)
Knee replacement surgery is dramatically increasing in the United States for people over the age of 45 and rehabilitation after surgery is a necessary step for the success of the replacement. Rehabilitation requires regular access to a wide variety of resources and personnel. Currently, there are no self-care tools to enable tracking a patient's(More)
The purpose of this paper is to describe the design and development of an interactive art installation, Stitchtures, for retirement community shared common areas. Physical and digital co-design activities are described in the development of an interactive art piece inspired by biological systems and collective behavior. Vision systems are also described for(More)
<i>Pictures at an Exhibition</i> is a physical/digital puppetry piece that uses tangible interface puppets to modify a virtual scene projected at the back of the stage in real-time. Telling the story of a heist in an art gallery, the actions of the puppets are digitally reflected in abstract changes to an artwork in the scene. The piece merges traditional(More)
This chapter presents the research, development, and findings of a communication technology developed to enable older adults living in retirement communities to share public events. The project draws reference from the fields of industrial design, universal design, and computer science to design a technology for residents at a retirement community.(More)
This paper describes the studies undertaken in order to improve and simplify communication of health information for a Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) devices, specifically the BL Healthcare Access Tablet, to older adults. Current icon and information design of the RPM devices are not well designed to reflect the needs, experiences and limitations of the(More)