Claudia Pallotti

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Transglutaminase activity, which forms the interpeptidic cross-link N(epsilon)-(gamma-glutamyl)-lysine, was demonstrated in cell-free extracts of Saccharomyces cerevisiae by incorporation of [(14)C]lysine into an exogenous acceptor, N,N'-dimethylcasein. Higher levels of the activity were present in the cell wall, which also contained endogenous acceptors.(More)
The morphological organization of the structural components in the dog carotid wall is investigated by X-ray diffraction and microscopic analysis. Histological analysis confirms an anisotropic morphology of smooth muscle cells and elastic fibers in the tissue. Collagen fibers, as revealed by X-ray diffraction technique, are organized in an isotropic network(More)
Surgical ablations of telencephalon or telencephalon plus habenular nuclei (HBN) have been performed for studying anatomical connections of the telencephalo-habenulo-interpeduncular system of the goldfish. The results of the ultrastructural studies confirmed the presence of massive telencephalo-habenular and habenulo-interpeduncular projections and, in(More)
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