Claudia Omachi

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Chlorophyll fluorescence techniques are used for the detection of toxic substances in samples of photosynthetic cells by measuring chlorophyll a fluorimetric parameters, which are a response of the PSII physiological status. This work was conducted to determine the effects of the herbicide bentazon (CASRN 25057-89-0) on growth and maximum quantum yield of(More)
Photosynthetic electron transport directly generates the energy required for carbon fixation and thus underlies the aerobic metabolism of aquatic systems. We determined photosynthetic electron turnover rates, ETRs, from ca. 100 FRR fluorescence water-column profiles throughout the subtropical and tropical Atlantic during six Atlantic Meridional Transect(More)
The ATLAS detector at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will be exposed to proton-proton collisions from beams crossing at 40 MHz. At the design luminosity of 10 cm s there are on average 23 collisions per bunch crossing. A threelevel trigger system will select potentially interesting events in order to reduce the read-out rate to about 200 Hz. The first(More)
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