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Frequent Inactivation of Cysteine Dioxygenase Type 1 Contributes to Survival of Breast Cancer Cells and Resistance to Anthracyclines
The importance of CDO1 inactivation in breast cancer and its clinical potential as a biomarker and therapeutic target to overcome resistance to anthracyclines are shown.
SPOC1 (PHF13) is required for spermatogonial stem cell differentiation and sustained spermatogenesis
The data argue that SPOC1 is indispensable for stem cell differentiation in the testis and for sustained spermatogenesis.
C4ORF48, a gene from the Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome critical region, encodes a putative neuropeptide and is expressed during neocortex and cerebellar development
It is proposed that C4Orf48 probably encodes a novel neuropeptide, which, if hemizygously deleted, may be involved in the observed intellectual and fine motor disabilities and thus in the overall neurological aspects of Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome.