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New devices expand design possibilities, but also lead to more challenges in the creation of interaction forms. This article introduces DESIGNi, a workbench that supports designers in exploring interaction forms and their attributes in a structured and systematic way. We present the components of DESIGNi and its use in creating a business application.(More)
Business contexts represent a big challenge for software development, specifically in terms of finding a balance between business goals and users' goals. This context determines the utility of an application, but good user experience (UX) with business applications is only achieved if the software supports the fulfillment of users' goals and needs. This(More)
The following paper deals with quality properties that extend the traditional understanding of usability with its focus on the pragmatic aspects like efficiency and effectiveness on task performance in the context of business applications. The contribution of the approach is tow folded. First: We show how psychological theories about motivation and(More)
Dieser Artikel präsentiert eine Fallstudie, in der eine Geschäftsanwendung für ein multi-touch Interaktionsgerät prototypisch entwickelt und evaluiert wurde. Die Studie fokussiert auf das Redesign des Software-Systems " Graphical Knowledge Editor " , das für die Modellierung von Prozessen eines Call Centers benutzt wird. Wir beschreiben die angewendete(More)
In this paper, we describe methods and challenges regarding the conception and prototypical implementation of a business application that uses multi-touch technology in its input device. We illustrate the use of a new conception and specification approach called DESIGNi and our experiences using the new Microsoft Expression Studio, which is specifically(More)
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