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PURPOSE A population-based cohort from three state newborn screening programs was used to describe beta-globin gene cluster variation. METHODS Blood spots from newborns homozygous for HbS were genotyped for five restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs) to construct beta-globin haplotypes. Haplotype distributions were compared by race/ethnicity(More)
Storage and use of residual dried blood spots (DBS) from newborn screening (NBS) for research purposes has been a topic of elevated interest following high profile disputes between genetic privacy advocacy groups and state NBS programs. Our objective was to assess public opinion in Illinois regarding storage and use of residual DBS for research. Five(More)
  • C Nash
  • 1999
Christine Nash exemplifies reflective practice as a frequently used but infrequently defined concept in nursing (Jarvis 1992), with intuition seldom granted legitimacy as a sound approach to clinical judgement (Benner and Tanner 1987). She follows with a personal account of how she used reflective practice and intuitive skills in reassessing an A&E attender.
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