Claudia N Schutz

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Implicit models for evaluation of electrostatic energies in proteins include dielectric constants that represent effect of the protein environment. Unfortunately, the results obtained by such models are very sensitive to the value used for the dielectric constant. Furthermore, the factors that determine the optimal value of these constants are far from(More)
Realistic studies of ion current in biologic channels present a major challenge for computer simulation approaches. All-atom molecular dynamics simulations involve serious time limitations that prevent their use in direct evaluation of ion current in channels with significant barriers. The alternative use of Brownian dynamics (BD) simulations can provide(More)
The fact that hydrogen bonds (HBs) can provide major stabilization to transition states (TSs) of enzymatic reactions is well known. However, the nature of HB stabilization has been the subject of a significant controversy. It is not entirely clear if this stabilization is associated with electrostatic effects of preorganized dipoles or with delocalized(More)
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