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Researchers at the NASA Lewis Research Center are presently developing qualitative modeling techniques for c automated rocket engine diagnostics. A qualitative model of a turbopump interpropellant seal system has been created. The qualitative model describes the effects of seal failures on the system steady-state behavior. This model is able to diagnose the(More)
Strong evidence exists for effective falls prevention strategies for community-dwelling older people. Understanding the translation of these strategies into practice for people with dementia has had limited research focus. People with dementia desire to have their voice heard, to engage meaningfully in the health-care decision-making process, making it a(More)
Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia is a serious infection associated with significant complications, including recurrence of bacteraemia, endocarditis and metastatic foci of infection. The management of these patients is often complex, involving appropriate source control, a thorough review and investigations to exclude metastatic foci and infective(More)
An aging population, growing awareness of chronic disease, and access and navigation of health care services prompt much discussion regarding aging in Australia. Debate within academic and policy circles directs attention toward preventive health, with a growing interest in " healthy aging " and " active aging " where quality of life, rather than years of(More)
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This thesis presents a first principles model of the fuel-air mixing process in a micro-flameholder. This model is used to identify key design parameters involved in fuel-air mixing and to characterize how mixing performance scales with the Reynolds number. The results of this analysis show that fuel-air mixing in micro-flameholders occurs primarily at low(More)