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While remittance flows to developing countries are very large, it is unknown whether migrants desire more control over the uses to which remittances are put. This research uses a randomized field experiment to investigate the importance of migrant control over the use of remittances. In partnership with a large Salvadoran bank, we offered US-based migrants(More)
Since the first implantation of a cardiac pacemaker in the second half of the 20th century, there have been evolutionary and revolutionary advances in the technology developed for patients with heart rhythm disturbances. These advances, however, have instead failed to demonstrate that mimicry of physiology by a pacing system would deliver a longer and(More)
We implemented a randomized field experiment that tested ways to stimulate migrants’ savings in their origin country. We find that migrants value opportunities to exert greater control over financial activities in their home countries. We offered U.S.-based migrants bank accounts in El Salvador, randomly varying migrant control over El Salvador–based(More)
Extensive research studies showed the existing interaction between different systems of the body that maintain the stability of homeostatic processes and which allow species to adapt to its environment in response to stressors. Adaptive responses to stressors activates adaptive-mechanisms, that result in the synthesis and release of several brain(More)
If micro-entrepreneurs are capital constrained, increasing their assets should improve their businesses and employment. By using a randomized controlled trial approach in a large-scale publicly-run micro-entrepreneurship program in Chile that provides business training and asset transfers, we assess the effectiveness of this strategy in increasing(More)
SUMMARY Extensive cellular and behavioral studies have led to the postulation that memories are encoded by changes in synaptic strength between neurons, as demonstrated by the correlation between long-term changes in animal behavior and long-term changes in neuronal connections underlying a specific behavior in invertebrate animals, or even in vertebrate(More)
We present a study of the affective character of 1 st to 8 th year Chilean school texts, to which we applied lexicon-based affect analysis techniques to identify 6 basic emotions (anger, sadness, fear, disgust, surprise and happiness). First, we generated a corpus of 525 documents, 18176 paragraphs and 137516 words. Then, using the affective words(More)
Groundwater inflow to open-pit and underground mines creates significant impacts both on mine operations and on the environment. Issues that commonly need to be addressed at different stages of engineering or environmental/ permitting studies include: (a) Engineering and economic risks associated with groundwater inflow; (b) Most efficient active dewatering(More)
The remittances that migrants send to their home countries are one of the largest international financial flows to the developing world. A common policy recommendation is that remittance transaction fees should be lowered. This paper provides the first empirical evidence on the causal impact of remittance transaction fees on remittance flows via a field(More)
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