Claudia Marinetti

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One of the weak points in face lifts is their failure to fully correct the ptosis of the labial commissures. This article illustrates a new technique to optimize this commissural repositioning in face lifts by using the muscular balances of the lower half of the face. There is, in effect, a third type of muscular balance, which acts on the commissural(More)
UNLABELLED POLICY POINTS: Many barriers hamper advocacy for health equity, including the contemporary economic zeitgeist, the biomedical health perspective, and difficulties cooperating across policy sectors on the issue. Effective advocacy should include persistent efforts to raise awareness and understanding of the social determinants of health. Education(More)
Primary lung tumors are rare in dogs, whereas pulmonary metastatic neoplastic involvement is common. We describe a case of a 12-year-old male, mixed-breed dog with a 3-month history of coughing and dyspnea. The investigating protocol, which also includes transcutaneous pulmonary biopsy, allowed a diagnosis of lung adenocarcinoma that necroscopic findings(More)
The current study tested whether the perception of angry faces is cross-culturally privileged over that of happy faces, by comparing perception of the offset of emotion in a dynamic flow of expressions. Thirty Chinese and 30 European-American participants saw movies that morphed an anger expression into a happy expression of the same stimulus person, or(More)
Two recent cases of vaginal fibroma are reported. These rare lesions are benign, and symptoms, often absent during the early stages, are due to compression from the growing tumor. Treatment is always surgical, the only problem being the most effective approach. This is either by the upper or lower route, depending on the location of the tumor.
The author describes the characteristics of vaginal fibromas, as observed in one personal case and after a rview of the published literature. These tumors, which affect women during the period of genital activity, are not of frequent occurrence, and the principal signs are dyspareunia and metrorrhagia. The histological appearance of the tumours is very(More)
In the last 110 cases of genital prolapse examined, IVU formed part of the prior urological investigation. 14 cases of ureteropelvic distension were thus discovered (13.6% of cases). In ten cases the prolapse was sufficiently largee as to exterioris the uterus or bring it to of the vulva. In 13 cases out of 15 a larg cystocoele was visible at the vulva with(More)
Despite the customary absence of any preexistent lesion, aetiological studies should not be neglected, in particular intravenous pyelography and, above all, angiography. Wilst an attitude of therapeutic abstention has been the rule up to the present time, the indications of treatment may be modified in the absence of a local cause: - the small(More)
F. Porciello, F. Birettoni, M.B. Conti, C. Marinetti, M.T. Antognoni and G. Fruganti Department of Clinical Sciences – Section of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Perugia *Correspondence: Dipartimento di Patologia, Diagnostica e Clinica Veterinaria – Sezione di Medicina Interna – Facoltà di Medicina Veterinaria, Università di(More)