Claudia M. Meyer

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Theeffects of light competition and litter on seedling recruitment and theperformance of established individuals were examined in Violapalustris. This polycarpic perennial plant was a common component ofspecies-rich fen meadows in northwestern Germany until the middle of thiscentury, but today is considered to be regionally endangered. From summer 1996until(More)
One of the important aspects of total rehabilitation of the C6 tetraplegic is the fitting and application of flexor-hinge hand orthoses. It has been proved that through the use of these orthoses the tetraplegic is able to maintain a high standard of independence in work and every day life activities. Successful fitting is dependent on two major aspects: (a)(More)
Carp Cyprinus carpio infected with the haemoflagellate Trypanoplasma borreli undergo progressive nephritis associated with a destruction of approx. 40% of the nephric tubules. In an attempt to analyse the effect of the nephritis on the osmoregulation of affected carp, the clinical chemical properties of plasma and urine samples were analysed. Parasitised(More)
Treatment of cartilage defects poses challenging problems in human and veterinary medicine, especially in horses. This study examines the suitability of applying scaffold materials similar to those used for human cartilage regeneration on equine chondrocytes. Chondrocytes gained from biopsies of the talocrural joint of three horses were propagated in 2D(More)
An automated system capable of analyzing the behavior, in real time, of single living cells in culture, in a noninvasive and nondestructive way, has been developed. A large number of cell positions in single culture dishes were recorded using a computer controlled, robotized microscope. During subsequent observations, binary images obtained from video image(More)
Both immunosuppressive and cytoreductive effects of γ-irradiation contribute to engraftment of allogeneic haematopoietic stem and progenitor cells. We hypothesized that a release of host stem and progenitor cells from the niche prior to conditioning would permit engraftment after less intensive conditioning. Administration of AMD3100 and SEW2871 on days -4(More)
A genetic ,'dgorithm is used to select the inputs to A neural network function ApproximAtor. lit the application considered, modeling criticM parameters of the Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME), the functional rel,_tionslfip between mea._ured parameters is unknown and coxuplex. Furthermore, the number of possible input parameters is quite large. MAlty(More)
Researchers at the NASA Lewis Research Center are presently developing qualitative modeling techniques for c automated rocket engine diagnostics. A qualitative model of a turbopump interpropellant seal system has been created. The qualitative model describes the effects of seal failures on the system steady-state behavior. This model is able to diagnose the(More)