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Asclepain f is a papain-like protease previously isolated and characterized from latex of Asclepias fruticosa. This enzyme is a member of the C1 family of cysteine proteases that are synthesized as(More)
Asclepias fruticosa L. is a small shrub containing latex with proteolytic activity. The crude extract (latex diluted 1:250 and ultracentrifuged) contained 276 microg of protein/mL and the proteolytic(More)
A new proteolytic preparation from Vasconcellea quercifolia ("oak leaved papaya") latex containing several cysteine endopeptidases with high proteolytic activity has been obtained. The specific(More)
A new papain-like cysteine peptidase isolated from latex of Philibertia gilliesii Hook. et Arn., Apocynaceae (formerly Asclepiadaceae) has been purified and characterized. The enzyme, named(More)