Claudia León

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Successive reaches of the Rio Grande have maintained equivalent channel widths of 50 and 250 m, respectively, over long periods of time. It is hypothesized that alluvial channels adjust bed slope to match the long-term changes in channel width. Analytical relationships show that wider river reaches develop steeper slopes. A modeling approach using daily(More)
The taiep rat is a myelin mutant with an initial hypomyelination, followed by a progressive demyelination of the CNS. The neurological correlates start with tremor, followed by ataxia, immobility episodes, epilepsy and paralysis. The optic nerve, an easily-isolable central tract fully myelinated by oligodendrocytes, is a suitable preparation to evaluate the(More)
This paper proposes various strategies for the checking of integrity constraints in multidatabase systems which support nested transactions. The solution presented in 8] for centralized environments is extended. The principle of this solution consists of designating a sub-transaction which controls the checking of each integrity constraint. This(More)
This paper presents a solution to check integrity constraints in database systems supporting nested transactions. Using nested transactions allows to introduce parallelism inside a transaction and to partially recover failing transactions by deening a hierarchy of sub-transactions. If a constraint is violated by some sub-transactions, it is possible to(More)
This article describes the design and implementation of Extratos1, a Service Oriented Information Extraction System for web content sharing, based on web services as extractors and BPEL business process generation. Some insights from archaeological sciences are applied to the design of the system. It is organized in five subsystems: Xpathula, Lab, Node, Web(More)
This paper presents a prototype of a semantic personalized recommender system for a repository of preserved web files. To do this, we design and implement a semantic repository of preserved web files, containing metadata associated with each preserved site. The knowledge stored in the metadata of the semantic repository is used for the recommender system,(More)
This paper presents a solution to check referential integrity constraints and conjunctive global constraints in a relational multi database system. It also presents the experimental results obtained by implementing this solution over a PC cluster with Oracle9i DBMS. The goal of those experimentations is to measure the time spent to check global constraints(More)