Claudia Kretzschmar

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Encoding techniques which minimize the self- or coupling activity of buses are often proposed to reduce power dissipation on system buses. In this paper, we investigate the efficiency of several coding schemes for on-chip buses with respect to overall power dissipation. The power of the codec systems was estimated by power simulations with the lay-outs and(More)
In this paper we describe a new method for encoding data streams on system buses in order to reduce bus line transition activity. Our focus is on data streams whose statistical parameters such as transition activity are nonstationary or a priori unknown. Our method is based on the Partial Businvert Encoding method which is extended with a dynamic selection(More)
Further observations concerning the previously described RiV-particles are reported. They were isolated from a diploid cell line of bovine origin, embryonal duck fibroblasts and BHK-21 cells. A protective effect against foot-and-mouth-disease virus in guinea pigs could be observed following inoculation with the RiV-preparation of bovine origin. All 3(More)