Claudia Jinich-Aronowitz

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The object of this study was to provide data for policy making and prevention program planning in Israel. The study examined all visits to the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Schneider Children's Medical Center in 1996 (41,279 visits in total). Approximately 22.6% of the emergency room patients were admitted following injury. Most (97%) were(More)
Animal bite/sting injuries are a known source of morbidity with a significantly higher incidence among children who are most often bitten in the face, head, and neck. The objective of this study was to provide a better understanding of bite/sting injuries treated at the pediatric emergency department in order to guide preventive efforts. The(More)
For several years, the National Center for Children's Health and Safety (Beterem) has worked on many levels to promote safety and prevent injury of the children in Israel. As part of intervention programs in 20 communities around Israel, this paper describes a 1-year, multidisciplinary, multistrategic childhood safety promotion and injury prevention(More)
Unintentional injury in children and adolescents have raised public health concerns in recent years, because it is the leading cause of death, a physical burden for the injured person, an emotional and social burden for the families together with an economic burden for society. The National Center for Children's Safety and Health in Israel was established(More)
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