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3 AGRADECIMIENTOS A la profesora Claudia Jiménez Ramírez, adscrita a la Escuela de Sistemas de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia Sede Medellín, por su disponibilidad permanente y acompañamiento continuo durante el desarrollo de este trabajo. A la Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, por costear mis estudios de maestría.
The study and analysis of different factors related to the academic performance of medical students remains a topic of interest, either for selection processes or for the establishment of strategies and interventions to support students who may need it. It is said that there are two groups of features associated with academic performance: the academic (high(More)
BACKGROUND In Chile, concerns mount about escalating cannabis use. Thus, it is important to have tools for early identification of at-risk users. The Cannabis Use Problems Identification Test (CUPIT) is a useful screening tool, and the aim of this study was to examine the psychometric properties of its Spanish version among Chilean university students. (More)
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