Claudia Hohn

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The aid of endodontists was sought in an attempt to determine the incidence PTP in an endodontically treated population. A total of 732 questionnaires were mailed to past patients of one endodontist; 463 (63 percent) usable responses were returned. Of 256 female subject, eight (3 percent) manifested persistent chronic pain not explained by physical or(More)
Zebrafish may prove to be one of the best vertebrate models for innate immunology. These fish have sophisticated immune components, yet rely heavily on innate immune mechanisms. Thus, the development and characterization of mutant and/or knock out zebrafish are critical to help define immune cell and immune gene functions in the zebrafish model. The use of(More)
BACKGROUND The innate immune response constitutes the first line of defense against invading pathogens and consists of a variety of immune defense mechanisms including active endocytosis by macrophages and granulocytes. Endocytosis can be used as a reliable measure of selective and non-selective mechanisms of antigen uptake in the early phase of an immune(More)
BACKGROUND Recombination activation gene 1 deficient (rag1(-/-)) mutant zebrafish have a reduced lymphocyte-like cell population that lacks functional B and T lymphocytes of the acquired immune system, but includes Natural Killer (NK)-like cells and Non-specific cytotoxic cells (NCC) of the innate immune system. The innate immune system is thought to lack(More)
"Mortality data of the Federal Republic of Germany and the GDR [German Democratic Republic] are compared by age, sex and cause of death....Within the period from 1976 to 1986 life expectancy has risen in the Federal Republic of Germany, whereas in the GDR it increased to a minor extent only, so that the gap between the two parts of Germany has clearly(More)
In August and November 2010 we collected and examined peripheral blood and tissues from three species of Gulf of Mexico fish. Findings were compared to non-exposed control fish. The leukocyte counts of exposed alligator gar were not significantly different from controls, while exposed Gulf killifish and sea trout had significantly decreased lymphocyte(More)
The use of the visible implant elastomer (VIE) tagging system in zebrafish (Danio rerio) was examined. Two tag orientations (horizontal and vertical) at the dorsal fin base were tested for tag retention, tag fragmentation and whether VIE tags affected growth and survival of juvenile zebrafish (1-4 month post hatch). Six tag locations (abdomen, anal fin(More)
Visceral toxicosis of catfish (VTC), a sporadic disease of cultured channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) often with high mortality, is caused by botulinum neurotoxin serotype E (BoNT/E). Presumptive diagnosis of VTC is based on characteristic clinical signs and lesions, and the production of these signs and mortality after sera from affected fish is(More)