Claudia Guadalupe Benítez-Cardoza

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The thermal denaturation of the dimeric enzyme triosephosphate isomerase (TIM) from Saccharomyces cerevisiae was studied by spectroscopic and calorimetric methods. At low protein concentration the(More)
Trichomonas vaginalis expresses multiple proteinases, mainly of the cysteine type (CPs). A cathepsin L-like 34kDa CP, designated TvCP4, is synthesized as a 305-amino-acid precursor protein. TvCP4(More)
Bax is a member of the Bcl-2 protein family that participates in mitochondrion-mediated apoptosis. In the early stages of the apoptotic pathway, this protein migrates from the cytosol to the outer(More)
Bcl-2 (B-cell lymphoma 2) family proteins have been studied intensively due to their association with cancer and other human diseases. These proteins were originally associated with the regulation of(More)
This work presents an evaluation of the adsorption/infiltration process in relation to the loading of a model protein, α-amylase, into an assembled biodegradable polymeric system, free of organic(More)