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The study aimed to assess the short-term effects exerted by two inorganic arsenic species (arsenite and arsenate) on Artemia salina after 24, 48 and 72 h. The dose-lethality curves obtained indicate that the lethality induced by arsenite was higher than by arsenate. The lowest observed effect concentration for arsenite (0.5 μg/mL) is similar with the no(More)
Pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) are a class of toxic compounds which are found in plants. Poisoning caused by these toxins is associated with acute and chronic liver damage. Tussilago farfara (coltsfoot), Petasites hybridus (common butterbur), Senecio vernalis (eastern groundsel) and Symphytum officinale (comfrey) are traditional phytotherapic species, which(More)
Phenothiazines have been reported to be rather often the cause of acute intoxications, either in overdoses or in associations with other medicines and / or alcohol. The paper presents a simple thin layer chromatographic method to qualitatively and semiquantitatively assay chlorpromazine, thioridazine and levomepromazine in normal human plasma spiked with(More)
A number of recent studies have illustrated the active role of food/natural components in the prevention of chronic diseases and in the improvement of the quality of life. In the present study, we aimed to obtain and characterize certain extracts from Vitis vinifera L., Aesculus hippocastanum L. and Curcuma longa L., focusing on their antioxidant effects in(More)
Drug consumption highly increased in recent years and the necessity of therapeutic monitoring of certain medicines (to avoid overdosage or in detoxication treatment of addicts) resulted in the necessity to diversify the opiates analytical methods, mainly in biological matrices (body fluids, tissues, etc.) The present paper aims to evaluate a high(More)
UNLABELLED Methadone is the main therapeutic option in heroin addiction treatment, but also an abuse substance. Given the analytical focus on the diagnosis of drug abuse and the usefulness of toxicological analysis methods in both overdose and monitoring substitution therapy, this study was aimed at the semi-quantitative determination of methadone by using(More)
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