Claudia Graf

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PURPOSE To determine whether palpable noncalcified solid breast masses with benign morphology at mammography and ultrasonography (US) can be managed similarly to nonpalpable probably benign lesions (Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System [BI-RADS] category 3)-that is, with periodic imaging surveillance-and to determine whether biopsy can be averted in(More)
We compared the effect of statin therapy (either alone or combined with ezetimibe) on the inhibition of cholesterol resorption and endothelial function by measuring forearm blood flow in male patients with the metabolic syndrome. Compared to 40 mg atorvastatin alone, combination therapy with 10 mg ezetimibe and 10 mg atorvastatin for 8 weeks resulted in(More)
PURPOSE To retrospectively determine whether nonpalpable solid breast masses that were partially or completely obscured at mammography and diagnosed as probably benign only at ultrasonography (US) can be safely managed with follow-up. MATERIALS AND METHODS The local ethics committee approved this study; informed consent was not required. In 409 women, 448(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES An increased incidence of erectile dysfunction has been observed in cycling enthusiasts. Compression of the perineal region during cycling seems to cause decreased penile perfusion. The resulting hypoxaemia in the corpus cavernosum is associated with penile fibrosis, which leads in the long run to erectile dysfunction. This study(More)