Claudia Giovanna Leotta

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Different parts of the genome occupy specific compartments of the cell nucleus based on the gene content and the transcriptional activity. An example of this is the altered nuclear positioning of the HLXB9 gene in leukaemia cells observed in association with its over-expression. This phenomenon was attributed to the presence of a chromosomal translocation(More)
Transcriptionally active and inactive topologically associated domains (TADs) occupy different areas in the cell nucleus, and chromosomal rearrangements relocating TADs could determine ectopic expression of the repositioned genes. In this study, we investigated the HLXB9 gene in a myeloid leukaemia cell line, GDM-1, known to harbour a rearrangement(More)
A reversed phase high-performance liquid chromatographic method (HPLC/MS-MS) has been developed and validated for detection of alkaloids matrine and oxymatrine in fertilizer with labeled enhancer plant defense activities. The analytical method was validated statistically. The results show a strong matrix effect, requiring quantification by standard addition(More)
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