Claudia Gil

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Casiers are a class of tangible interface elements that structure the physical and functional composition of tangibles and complementary interactors (e.g., buttons and sliders). Casiers allow certain subsets of interactive functionality to be accessible across diverse interactive systems (with and without graphical mediation, employing varied sensing(More)
Increased life expectancy and the prospect of longevity lead to reflection on the importance of spirituality while aging. This article aims to investigate and analyze the concepts that older people have of spirituality and how this concept affects their quality of life. It is a descriptive, exploratory, quantitative-qualitative study, with a sample of 12(More)
High-throughput technologies allow the selection of new biological targets for drug discovery in the post-genomic era. These tools increase the need of new methods to rapidly obtain potent small molecules and natural products to discover new lead structures. In particular, the solid-phase synthesis offers a great potential to obtain large compound sets.
The effects of theophylline (T) on cognitive and emotional aspects were evaluated in nine children with mild bronchial asthma (7-14 years). The study was double blind crossover against placebo (P) for a period of 30 days for each. The children admitted to the study had an average IQ (80-101) and were able to perform pulmonary function studies (PFS). On days(More)
Rodents have a high impact on human activities, producing economical losses and diseases. One of these diseases is Hantavirus syndrome, whose reservoir is Oligoryzomys longicaudatus. Raptors are the natural biological controllers of rodents, being, therefore, our efficient and effective allies. Despite the existing legal dispositions for protection, 11 of(More)
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