Claudia Ghidini

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BACKGROUND The immune defects occurring in chronic lymphocytic leukemia are responsible for the frequent occurrence of infections and autoimmune phenomena, and may be involved in the initiation and maintenance of the malignant clone. Here, we evaluated the quantitative defects of newly produced B and T lymphocytes. METHODS The output of B and T(More)
BACKGROUND To determine the role of interferon-alpha in controlling HIV infection we phenotypically and functionally analyzed circulating plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDC), which are known to be the highest interferon-alpha producing cells, in 33 perinatally infected HIV+ patients undergoing standard antiretroviral therapy. METHODS Circulating pDC were(More)
Interferon-beta receptor (IFNAR) is composed of 2 subunits, IFNAR1 and IFNAR2, the latter of which is expressed as functional (IFNAR2.2), non-functional (IFNAR2.1) and soluble (IFNAR2.3) isoform. Real-Time PCR analysis of mRNA for all IFNAR components in multiple sclerosis patients naïve for therapy and undergoing long-term treatment with interferon-beta(More)
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