Claudia Geraldine León-Ramírez

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Common bean Phaseolus vulgaris L. has been shown to be a recalcitrant plant to induce somatic embryogenesis (SE) under in vitro conditions. We used an alternative strategy to induce SE in common bean based upon the use of a cytokinin (BAP) coupled with osmotic stress adaptation instead of SE response that is induced by auxins. Explants derived from zygotic(More)
PCR was used to amplify fragments corresponding to CHS genes from Ustilago maydis, utilizing as primers oligonucleotides devised according to the conserved regions of fungal CHS genes. The PCR product was employed as a probe to screen a genomic library of the fungus. Two different CHS genes (Umchs1 and Umchs2) were thus identified in the positive clones(More)
Polyamines are essential metabolites present in all living organisms, and this subject has attracted the attention of researchers worldwide interested in defining their mode of action in the variable cell functions in which they are involved, from growth to development and differentiation. Although the mechanism of polyamine synthesis is almost universal,(More)
Yarrowia lipolytica is able to metabolize high Mr hydrophobic natural compounds such as fatty acids and hydrocarbons. Characteristically, strains of Y. lipolytica can grow as populations with variable proportions of yeast and filamentous forms. In the present study, we describe the dimorphic characteristics of a variant designated as Y. lipolytica var.(More)
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