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So far, the annotation of translation initiation sites (TISs) has been based mostly upon bioinformatics rather than experimental evidence. We adapted ribosomal footprinting to puromycin-treated cells to generate a transcriptome-wide map of TISs in a human monocytic cell line. A neural network was trained on the ribosomal footprints observed at previously(More)
Meta-level architectures combined with domain-specific languages serve as a powerful tool to build and maintain a software product line: Meta-level architectures lead to adaptable software systems. Executable descriptions capture expert knowledge. We have developed a meta-level architecture for a software product line of legal expert systems. Four(More)
Thousands of tandem alternative splice sites (TASS) give rise to mRNA insertion/deletion variants with small size differences. Recent work has concentrated on the question of biological relevance in general, and the physiological regulation of TASS in particular. We have quantitatively studied 11 representative TASS cases in comparison to one mutually(More)
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